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Imagine the results of liposuction without any surgery! This ground-breaking body shaping treatment offers a non-invasive solution for; skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite reduction. There is no pain or downtime and you can even have a session in your lunchtime break.

The Strawberry lift by Laser Lipo Ltd is the revolutionary new non-invasive double chin reduction treatment uniquely designed to banish double chins and deliver a smoother, more toned jawline. It is a pain free lift that promises outstanding fat reduction and skin toning results. The new treatment involves two application processes to effectively achieve fat reduction and combat loose skin (both weight loss and age-related skin laxity). Using laser technology the first part of the treatment selectively targets fat cells through a unique chin applicator which leaves blood vessels, nerves and other tissue undisturbed. There is a noticeable fat reduction from just one treatment. The second part of the treatment uses a specially developed ‘silent’ ultrasound to tackle loose skin around the jaw (jowls), neck and décolleté (chest) to deliver impressive anti-ageing and skin toning results.







The revolutionary chin applicator combines laser technology with never been seen before silent ultrasound to effectively eliminate fatty double chins and gently tone the jawline. 


The Strawberry Laser machine comes with two treatment applicators, the unique fat reduction chin applicator allows targeted delivery of Class 3B laser technology to fat cells. When the fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers and heat up thet become porous and release their contents – water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Over the next few days the harmless fat cell content is then removed from the body through lymphatic drainage, giving results that get better over time.

The second part of the procedure – the brand new silent ultrasound technology – stimulates collagen production to combat lax skin and wrinkles resulting in a smoother jawline and neck and banishing jowls.

What is it like?
The Strawberry lift is a quick, comfortable, pain-free and gentle treatment that does not require local or topical numbing medication. The entire treatment process including weighing, before & after images and treatment takes around 30-minutes making it ideal for a busy schedule.

During the laser application the patient will feel a gentle warming sensation as the chin applicator in placed on the skin, the silent ultrasound application is pain free and soothing, comparable to a facial massage. Immediately after treatment fat loss results will be apparent instantly and the skin toning benefits continue to improve during the week following treatment.



What is the recovery time?

The treatment is completely non-invasive with zero downtime, this means you return to normal activities immediately. There is no aftercare required at all and the result get better with time as the body responds to the treatment. The skin may be slightly pink after the procedure in some people but this should subside very quickly.




High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (or HIFU as mostly known), was first invented by Myron Medical Cosmetic Research Institution, in the United States of America. An HIFU facial, is a noninvasive treatment for facial aging which is currently considered one of the best anti-aging treatments available worldwide. Due to aging, SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) becomes less elastic, collagen fibres stretch, and the frame weakens. The revolutionary treatment uses ultrasound to create heat at a deep level in the skin which then damages targeted skin cells, causing a natural reaction by our bodies, to attempt to repair them.
To do this, the body produces collagen (a substance in the skin that gives it structure and elasticity) to aid in cell regrowth.

What happens during HIFU treatment?

Your treatment will usually begin with the cleansing of all the areas on your face in which are to be treated on. Then we will use our handheld device to deliver fast pulses of ultrasound waves in fast hort bursts. This highly focused energy creates thermal coagulation zones at 3 different selected depths following which a wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin by directly penetrate the SMAS skin layers. SMAS HIFU FOR FACE stands for Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System which are the fibrous layer that covers the muscles deep in the face.
Each session will last no longer than 90 minutes and possibly as little as 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area and similar to body HIFU treatment.


Is HIFU painful?

There is some mild discomfort but very manageable. Some may feel a slight pulse of pressure/heat on the skin for a brief moment. If this is something you may feel concerned about, discuss this with your consultant who may recommend using a local anaesthetic before the procedure or advise on taking over the counter pain relievers to prevent any pain.


Is there any downtime following treatment?

As HIFU treatment is non-invasive and hence once the session is over, there is absolutely no recovery time, so you are free to get on with your daily activities.



Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Diet – A healthy balanced diet will help maintain the results.


Sensible lifestyle – The results are permanent if you maintain a sensible lifestyle and an exercise plan. Following these will ensure your inch loss results are maintained. 


What are the risks and side effects?There have been no reported side effects as the treatment is non-invasive and uses safe, proven technologies to stimulate the body’s ow regenerative processes.



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